About Corolla Light Resort
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About Corolla Light Resort

At one time Corolla Light was 240 acres of undeveloped land stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Currituck Sound. This land was developed with a vision to create a resort in which the amenities are plentiful, the homes are welcoming, and the natural beauty of the area is preserved. Today that community is Corolla Light, the premier resort of the Outer Banks.

This unique vision made Corolla Light what it is today – a world-class resort that has it all. From the very young to the young at heart, from sun-seekers to nature lovers, Corolla Light truly has something for everyone.

Contact Corolla Light with any questions or issues regarding the resort. Corolla Light rental homes are privately owned and managed, so any questions about a home's availability, amenities or requests for maintenance should be directed to the home's rental agent. To see a home's location, click on "Map" while on the home's property page.

Resort rules and regulations are here.

Corolla Light Resort
PO Box 490
Corolla, NC 27927

Main Office: 252-453-2455
Sports Center: 252-453-4565
Security: 252-202-6313