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Special Announcements

On October 21, 2023 the Inaugural Corolla Cup was introduced to Corolla.  Hosted by Corolla Light and with efforts from the CLCA Outreach Committee and a bunch of volunteers almost 150 Corolla residents came together to compete in sporting activities such as Shuffle Board, Cornhole, Pickleball and Sand Volleyball.  Check out 2023 Corolla Cup for pictures and an in-depth story of how it all came about.

In 1985, Ronald Reagan began his second term as President of the United States.  The San Francisco 49ers beat the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX.  Coke introduced New Coke.  Back to the Future premieres.  Aspen bans smoking in restaurants in the city.  Microsoft released its first version of Windows – 1.0.  The Tommy Hilfiger brand was established. 1985 was also when Dick Brindley opened sales of lots at the Corolla Light Resort, a dramatically different idea for the Outer Banks, running ocean to sound and promising a level of amenities exceeding anything then found in the region and new attention to an area off-limits to most visitors until 1984.  Selling of the resort was from a trailer on Austin Street.  The county-approved plat showed a small commercial village, and there was construction everywhere – pipes for community water and sewer, for retention ponds and for a large oceanfront pool complex.  And houses began to emerge – but development was slow because of labor challenges – somethings don’t change!  We want to share the stories and memories that make Corolla Light great as we head toward our 40th anniversary. We need your help to make that a reality. Please follow the link below and share your stories, photos, videos, and other memories.

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